Der Aa Church

Der Aa Church

Der Aa Church has so many interesting and exciting stories to tell. About its architectural history, with both Romanesque and Gothic elements. About the beautiful vault paintings that date back to the 15th century. About the lightning that struck in 1671 causing the tower and the magnificent organ to go up in flames. About the soldiers who stabled their horses in the chancel during the French occupation. About the pilots who found a hiding place in the vaults during the Second World War.

Over the centuries the use of the church has changed. In the Middle Ages the church was built and used by Catholics. After the Reformation the building was adapted for Protestant worship services. Nowadays the Aa Church is hired out for exhibitions, conferences, dinners, parties and many other events.

We have developed an educational programme to help children discover the history of the Der Aa Church, with a range of activities that are suitable for children of all ages, as a group or individually, guided or self-guided.

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