A guided tour of the vaults

Level: Primary School grade 7-8, age 10-12

Children aged 10 and up can take a guided tour of the vaulted ceiling. They are dressed in red suits and red helmets. After an exciting climb through a narrow pillar they are rewarded with a spectacular view of the so-called ‘elephant  backs’. The tour guide tells them about how the church was built, about the pilots that hid there during the Second World War and many other interesting stories.

Practical Information

Duration: 45 minutes

Number of children: 15 per group, each group accompanied by at least one chaperone

Admission: € 2,50 per student, chaperones free

We recommend combining a tour of the vaults with a scavenger hunt.

foto: Jos Grimberg, fotoclub AFV Daguerre foto: Jos Grimberg, fotoclub AFV Daguerre
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