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The Remonstrant Church was built in 1883 in the ‘eclectic style’, or in other words: a mishmash of styles. Following the fashion of the time, the architect, H. Raamaker, designed it in an assortment of styles – Classical, neo-Gothic and Romanesque. The result is typical of the late 19th century.


The church's interior has undergone four major restorations since it was first built. The most recent restoration was done by the Japanese architect Moriko Kira, who designed a light and airy church hall. The galleries were transformed into offices and in order to reserve as much space for the interior as possible, a glass cylinder containing the entrance hall and stairwell was built next to the church. The verger’s house, which was attached to the church in 1906, had its interior restored to its original style and now contains four of the Remonstrant Church’s six meeting rooms.

Practical matters

Guided tours  of the Remonstrant Church are available on request. For more information or to make an appointment please call 050-3181433.

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