Bouwwerk: Engineering and technology in the church in Leegkerk

Wearing colourful overalls and construction helmets the children set to work in teams. First they are quizzed: what is a monument and what is it not? After the quiz they watch exciting introductory films that explain their assignments to them. Then they set to work constructing a life-size building by themselves. This requires them to focus on technical aspects but also to work together as a team. And finally they are asked to think about reuse of the church: how would they like to use an old church? What does it take to restore and old church and how much does it cost? All these aspects are covered in a playful way.

The educational programme in Leegkerk was developed by Menno Sikkink of Monumenten Inspectie en Advies and was realized in collaboration with the Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken and Wetenschapsknooppunt Noord-Nederland (WKNN).

Practical matters

Duration: 2 hours

Level: Age 10 – 12

Number of pupils: maximum 30

If you would like to book this programme, please contact Agmar van Rijn: or 050-3123569.

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