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Capella Groningen in Concert

Jacobus Gallus

A recipe that has Slovenian, Flemish and French ingredients  and is spiced up with fresh Italian herbs. This sounds like a culinary experiment but it is a description of the music written by Jacobus Gallus (a.k.a. Jacob(us) Handel/Händl), one of the greatest composers of the Late Renaissance. He is not as well known as some of his contemporaries, such as Lassus, de Monte and Gabrieli,  but this is no reflection on the quality of his music. Capella Groningen is pleased to present a programme that focuses on Jacobus Gallus. It spans the last decades of the 16th century when the transition began from Renaissance polyphony to the then-new Venetian homophonic style of composing.

The programme

The programme includes the Missa super Sancta Maria, one of the parody masses Gallus based on the motet Sancta Maria, virgo virginum by Philippe Verdelot, which will also be performed this evening. Also included are works by popular and lesser-known contemporaries who held positions  in the orchestra of the Royal Court in Prague.

Israel Golani will accompany the choir on the lute.


Tickets can be reserved via reserveringen@capellagroningen.nl or 050-3095698.

For more information please see the website: www.capellagroningen.nl

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