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Concert Cantatrix: Remember

15:00 - € 15.00

Der Aa Church
Akerkhof 2
9711 JB Groningen


English Cathedral Music

On Sunday afternoon October 30th Cantatrix is performing in concert with the Dutch Brass Ensemble in the Aa Church. The programme includes works by Henry Purcell and John Tavener.

Henry Purcell

London’s age-old Westminster Abbey is not only the place where British monarchs are crowned, it is also where England’s preeminent cultural figures are buried. Among them is Henry Purcell, whose final resting place has a double significance as it was also the place where he worked intensively during the reigns of Charles II and William & Mary. Purcell composed his famous Queen’s Funeral March for the funeral of Queen Mary II: stately music which was first played at the monarch’s funeral in Westminster Abbey. This solemn composition is one of the highlights of English choral music.


Remembrance is the connecting theme that runs through this concert.Cantatrix reminds us not only of Queen Mary, but also of the quality of English choral music. The choir juxtaposes the 16th and 17th century with the 20th century and Elizabeth I with Elizabeth II, the time of John Tavener. And William Walton, in whose A Litany one can hear teardrops falling in the descending notes at the beginning of the piece. Cantatrix reflects on the choral culture of a country which is said to have brought forth relatively few truly great composers. Perhaps this is true. But their compositions are fabulously beautiful. Listen and remember, till well after this concert is over. Remember...

Vocal Ensemble Cantatrix

Twenty years ago the Cantatrix Vocal Ensemble started out as a group of friends who enjoyed singing together, but since then it has evolved into a mature chamber choir that performs a series of concerts every year at a semi-professional level. Under the baton of director Geert-Jan van Beijeren Bergen en Henegouwen the choir has earned acclaim both at home and abroad.


Admission: € 15.- (pre-sales)

Tickets available from the Cantatrix website or call: 06-51213471

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