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Concert Choral Voices: British Beauty

British Beauty

The choir Choral Voices will give a special concert in the Aa Church on Saturday 6 February. Choral Voices is a choir from Groningen that specializes in Anglican choral music. Under the direction of Daniël Rouwkema the choir have achieved a high level of excellence. The concert tonight is quite unique because English Evensong is normally only heard during worship services. Theologian and musician Hanna Rijken will introduce the songs and speak briefly about the rich history of Evensong.

A part of tonight's programme will be performed by two hundred singers, divided into five choirs encircling the audience.

Choral Evensong

Evensong is a vesper service that takes place in English cathedrals and college chapels daily and is almost entirely sung by a choir. We are familiar with these choirs thanks to Christmas Carols and royal weddings, but Evensong is actually their daily bread: a combination of choral music and ancient tradition. Visitors are welcome to sing along to some of the hymns, but they may also just listen.

Conductor Daniël Rouwkema, who worked as a conductor and Master of Music at the cathedrals of Chester and Belfast for four years, knows the English choral tradition inside out. Organist Mattijs de Vreugd has performed in English cathedrals many times and last summer he accompanied Choral Voices in York cathedral. After the intermission the choir will perform a selection of English choral works inspired by five centuries of ‘British Beauty’, including Hubert Parry’s beloved Hear my words, ye people.

Choral Voices

Choral Voices is a young choir that specializes in English choral music in the ancient Anglican tradition. The choir consists of approximately thirty members.  Once a month Choral Voices performs during an Evensong service in Groningen. The choir gives concerts all over the country and often performs with other choirs and musicians.

Admission: € 10,-.
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