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Concert Ensemble Setado!

Music and dance

The Setado! ensemble will perform in concert at the church in Klein Wetsinge on Sunday, 29 October. The title of their programme is: Standards from the ‘Real Book’  of Renaissance and  Baroque: playing and dancing to the hits of yesteryear today. ‘Standards’ is a collective term for tunes and bass melodies that were popular in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, well-known tunes that everyone played and sang  with themes on which countless variations have been composed.

Surprising connection with contemporary music
Setado! will take the audience back in time while their surprising renditions of ‘early’ hits connect them with the present. The bass lines are as popular as they ever were and form the basis of a diverse range of contemporary music  and pop songs like Hit the Road, Jack (Ray Charles), The Conquest of Paradise (Vangelis) and the guitar solo in Innuendo (Queen), to name but a few.

The members of the Setado! ensemble met each other in Groningen, where the Italian born violone player Severiano Paoli and the Belorussian harpsichordist Tatsiana Khaleva studied at the Prins Claus Conservatory and where the internationally renowned Renaissance and Baroque dance specialist Dorothée Wortelboer has her home base.

Dorothée Wortelboer – Renaissance and Baroque dance
Severiano Paoli – violone
Tatsiana Khaleva – harpsichord

The church in Klein Wetsinge
The church in Klein Wetsinge is located halfway between the towns of Sauwerd and Winsum and has a panoramic view of the scenic Reitdiep area. The church was restored and completely refurbished by the Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken. Visitors are cordially welcomed by managers Nicolaas and Inez Geenen, both born and bred in Groningen. On offer are an extensive lunch and drinks menu. Visitors may climb upstairs where they can see the unique clockwork and enjoy the views of the beautiful Reitdiep valley.

Admission: € 12.50 / € 9 (for students)
For tickets please call: 06 54 68 54 05 of E-mail: kleinwetsinge@blgroningen.nl

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