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Concert by Gay Men's Choir 'Zangzaad'

Farewell concert for director

On Saturday July 4th  the Gay Men's Choir 'Zangzaad' says farewell to its director Dorothee Swellengrebel in a concert in the church in Leegkerk.

Dorothee directed the choir for four years and experienced many memorable moments with the men of 'Zangzaad', like during the Jubilee concert in November 2013 and as participants in the Various Voices Festival in Dublin last year.

'Zangzaad' has a broad repertoire that spans many periods and genres, from classical to musical and from jazz to pop and popular. Most songs are performed in four-part harmony, both a capella or with instrumental accompaniment. Some songs are quiet and melancholy, others are lively and upbeat, when the men pull out all the stops and dance to choreographed show tunes. And of course their repertoire includes songs about men who are attracted to men and songs that challenge prejudiced attitudes towards homosexuality.

Dorothee Swellengrebel
Dorothee (Peize, 1985) has directed 'Zangzaad' since August 2011. She graduated from the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen in 2010. She now teaches music in Groningen and Emmen. "Teaching ensures an income. But choirs are the most fun. Male voices are very different to female voices and directing 'Zangzaad' has always been quite a challenge."

The concert starts at 3 p.m. 

Doors open at 2.30 p.m.

Tickets cost € 5,-- and are available online on the Zangzaad website and from Zangzaad members.

You can pick up your tickets at the door.

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