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Jeff Heijne (flamenco guitar) and Maya Fridman (cello) in Concert

Concert in Klein Wetsinge

On the afternoon of Sunday 28 May Jeff Heijne (flamenco guitar) and Maya Fridman (cello) will perform in concert at the church in Klein Wetsinge. Heijne and Fridman are both graduates of the Amsterdam Conservatorium.

Jeff Heijne
When he was eight years old Jeff Heijne learned how to play the guitar and he soon became acquainted with flamenco music. At the conservatory he chose the well-known flamenco guitarist Eric Vaarzon Morel as his Principal Study teacher. Now, eight years later, he has released a solo CD called Los Sentimientos del Flamenco. He presented the CD at a sold out Koorzaal in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. Jeff has played with the Pablo Martinez Flamenco Jazz Band in various cities all over Spain, at the Amsterdam Jazz Festival and at the Bimhuis. He played with Trio Mañanitas at the Uitmarkt in the Concertgebouw and for the Spanish Masters exhibition in the Hermitage.

Jeff was taught by such renowned flamenco guitarists as Manolo Sanlúcar, José Antonio Rodrigues, Manolo Franco, Paco Serrano and Tomatito. Jeff has performed at home and abroad, both solo and in concert with other artists.

Maya Fridman
Maya Fridman was born in Moscow. She learned to play the cello at an early age and was considered a child prodigy. When studying at the Moscow State College of Music she was awarded a first prize at the International Festival of Slavic Music.

At the conservatory in Amsterdam Fridman studied under Dmitry Ferschtman. Last year she graduated cum laude for her master’s degree. In 2013 she received De Grote Prijs van Nederland (the grand prize of the Netherlands) for best musician of the year. For the past five years Maya has performed regularly in the Netherlands and Germany and worked with Jyoti Verhoeff, the Aeon Trio, Efrén López and the Dinosaur Trio, to name but a few. In 2015 and 2016 she accompanied guitarist Harry Sacksioni on his Jubilee Tour 65.

Maya released her first album in 2015, The Invisible Link, which she recorded with pianist Daniël Kool. Her newest album, on which she collaborated with pianist Artem Belogurov, will include her own arrangement for cello and piano of Prokofiev’s opera The Fiery Angel .

Admission: € 10,-.

Tickets can be ordered by phone: 06 54 68 54 05 or by e-mail kleinwetsinge@blgroningen.nl

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