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Concert Marlene Bakker

Songs in the dialect of Grningen

Marlene Bakker is a young performer blessed with a beautiful voice. A quirky singer/songwriter who occupies a unique place on the Dutch music scene because she writes and sings in ‘Gronings’, the dialect spoken in the province of Groningen. On Sunday afternoon, May 6th she will perform in concert at the church in Klein Wetsinge.

Marlene became popular with the song Wondern van mien stee, her adaptation of Adele’s ‘Hometown Glory’, which she translated into the dialect of Groningen.  Since then she can be heard regularly on the radio. The single Loat Grunnen nait zakken (don’t let Groningen down), about the earthquakes in Groningen, was even quoted in the Dutch Parliament.

Last year Marlene’s first single Waarkhanden from her long-awaited debut album RAIF was released. It too climbed to a number 1 spot on the RTV Noord hit-parade. The song is about being homesick and the fear of going back to your roots after being away for a long time.

“This is incredibly beautiful…!”(Daniel Lohues)
“Check this out! The way she sings Gronings is beautiful!” (Nynke Laverman)

The church in Klein Wetsinge
The church in Klein Wetsinge is located halfway between the towns of Sauwerd and Winsum and has a panoramic view of the scenic Reitdiep area. The church was restored and completely refurbished by the Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken in 2014. Visitors are cordially welcomed by managers Nicolaas and Inez Geenen, both born and bred in Groningen.

Time: 4 p.m.
Admission: € 15

Tickets can be ordered by phone: 06 54 68 54 05 of via e-mail: kleinwetsinge@blgroningen.nl 

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