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Saxophone quintet Opus 5 in concert

Featuring guest soloist Harry Dijkstra

The Opus 5 Saxophone Quintet will perform in concert at the church in Leegkerk on Sunday 17 December. Opus 5 is an open-minded ensemble comprised of five saxophonists who play all the conventional types of saxophones.

Opus 5 will perform a varied programme of classical music, salon music, tangos and jazz. In the Leegkerk church Opus 5 will perform music from the baroque period and progress via Bach, Telemann, Mozart, Stan Kenton and Duke Ellington to Astor Piazzolla.

Astor Piazzolla
Astor Piazzolla is possibly the most famous innovative composer of Argentinian tango music. Opus 5 will play six of the best known tangos this afternoon, accompanied on bandoneon by guest soloist Harry Dijkstra. And although this is not a Christmas concert there will be some Christmas-inspired music this afternoon.

The performers
Evert van Loon: soprano, alto and tenor saxophone, musical leader
Dineke Spoelstra: soprano and alto sax
Jan Beerman: alto sax
Jeanine de  Herdt: soprano and tenor sax
Ben Douwes: bari sax

Guest soloist Harry Dijkstra
Harry Dijkstra studied accordion at the Prins Claus Conservatory and later added the bandoneon, which is quite a tricky instrument to play. Harry teaches at music schools in Groningen, Drenthe and in Ost Friesland, Germany and is a much sought-after musician and conductor. He plays in a number of tango orchestras and ad hoc combinations like Opus 5.

Opus 5
Musical leader Evert van Loon studied saxophone, clarinet and piano at the Artez Conservatory in Arnhem. He gives jazz workshops, lectures on classical music and directs choirs and orchestras. He is a broadly oriented musician, arranger and composer who feels equally at home in the worlds of jazz and classical music.

Jeanine de Herdt studied music theory, saxophone and accordion at the Academy of Music in Antwerp. She has played in various classical and light music orchestras in Belgium.

Dineke Spoelstra studied saxophone and conducting at the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen. For many years she was a teacher and played alto sax in the Gas Unie Big Band. She conducts several choirs and has a special fondness for classical music.

Jan Beerman and Ben Douwes have played in renowned big bands like the Big Band Emmen, the New Metronome Big Band and the Blue Note Big Band. Jan Beerman has arranged many classical pieces for five saxophones. 

All Opus 5 members share a passion for saxophone music, both classical and jazz.

Admission: € 12.50  Tickets available online here.
For more information about the ensemble please see the Opus 5 website.

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