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Concert Schnitgers Droom: Klaas Hoek

Concert by the winner of the Schnitgers Droom Prize 2014

On Thursday June 25th  the Aa Church presents a special concert by musician Klaas Hoek. Hoek was awarded the Schnitgers Dream Prize in 2014 by Stichting Der Aa-kerk for his extraordinary contribution to the development of contemporary organ culture in the Netherlands.

Klaas Hoek will perform music by Arvo Pärt, laMonte Young, J.S. Bach and John Cage, accompanied by the Youth Percussion Pool and in dialogue with poet Henk Ester. Henk Ester will recite poems from his book Bijgeluiden, which was awarded the Cees Buddingh prize in 2013.

'Background noises', bijgeluiden, have a dominant role in this meticulously composed programme. Musical poems, subtle percussion and mechanical organ sounds  merge to create an ‘ode to the (steam) organ’, in this performance that characterises Klaas Hoek as an unconventional musician pur sang.

Klaas Hoek

Klaas Hoek has been active in various fields of organ music for decades.  He has performed both new music and early music and composed and devised unique projects. Hoek has worked with such celebrated composers as Xenakis and played in the innovative Up There Trio; he has been published, he invented the wind harmonium, has taken organ music out of the church and he composes and produces radio programmes.

Schnitgers Dream Prize

Prior to the concert the Schnitgers Dream Prize 2015 will be awarded. This is a prize that is awarded annually to an artist who has made a significant contribution to contemporary organ culture in the Netherlands. The prize was first awarded during the Schnitgers Dream Music Festival in 2011. Previous winners are Jan Hage and Jacob Lekkerkerker. The prize will be awarded at 7.30 p.m.

Schnitgers Dream

This concert is part of the Schnitgers Dream Music Festival. The Aa Church boasts an organ built by the eminent organ builder from Hamburg Arp Schnitger (1648-1719). After many years of restoration this famous organ was inaugurated during the successful festival of 2011. Since then a series of concerts called Schnitgers Droom, Schnitgers Dream, have focused on this organ. These broadly accessible and inspirational concerts - their leitmotifs are tradition and innovation - demonstrate that the organ has the potential to appeal to a wide audience.


Klaas Hoek – organ, harmonium

Henk Ester – recitation

Youth Percussion Pool – percussion


€ 15, -- (standard)

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