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Concert Simple Harmonic Motion

21:00 - Gratis

Der Aa Church
Akerkhof 2
9711 JB Groningen


Free concert by British band

On Thursday 10 August the British band Simple Harmonic Motion will give a (free) concert in the Aa Church.

Simple Harmonic Motion is comprised of Jonathan Beckitt (keyboard and flute), Steve Kershaw (double bass) and Curtis E. Johnson (electric guitar). The music is entirely instrumental and falls within the new age/classical category.

Poems by Keats
The music is an exciting mix of various styles. This evening the band will play numbers from their new album Tone Poems. The numbers are based on their interpretation of selected poems by John Keats. The music is accompanied by animation, spectacular images that add an extra dimension to the performance. The band will also present a preview of some of the material on their new album Interludes, which will be released later this year.

Tone Poems
While most bands get together, rehearse and start thinking about recording a CD, Simple Harmonic Motion did it the other way round. After recording their debut album Tone Poems, they started thinking about how they could present their music to the public live. Because in a studio almost anything is possible, but the complexity of their music makes a live performance quite challenging technically.

Background band members
Jonathan Beckitt composes the music for Simple Harmonic Motion. Steve Kershaw also plays in a modern jazz trio with Leonic Vintskevich (piano) and Nick Vintskevich (sax). Their album Under a Different Sky was one of the albums of the year on the website Jazzview. Curtis E. Johnson started his career as a singer in the 70’s glam rock band Goldie. He has worked with the bands The Jazz Butcher and Venus Flytrap. He has also had a solo career as a singer-songwriter. Besides playing in Simple Harmonic Motion he is currently a producer for the record label Grass Roots Records in the UK.

Admission: free


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