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Concert Suzanne Savage Jazz Quartet

Concert in Klein Wetsinge

On Sunday afternoon October 16th the Suzanne Savage Jazz Quartet will perform in concert at the church in Klein Wetsinge.

Suzanne Savage
Suzanne Savage hails from Belfast and her life has always been dedicated to music. She began playing the violin when she was eight years old. While studying voice at Queens University she started performing professionally with bands. Jazz, contemporary music and drums played an increasingly important role in her musical life. The venues where she performed shifted from noisy bars to television studios and international tours, as she became an established name in the music scene of Northern Ireland. She collaborated with composers like Wiliam Barton, Andrea Molino and Hugo Smit. After a period spent performing in Italy she toured with Riverdance. Eventually she ended up in Dublin. She now divides her life and work between Belfast, Dublin and Karlsruhe, Germany.

Sebastian Demydczuk
This afternoon Suzanne Savage will perform with Sebastian Demydczuk, Sven Otte and Felix Degenaar. Sebastian Demydczuk is a versatile drummer and producer. He plays in several jazz ensembles, pop bands and world music groups.  He has often performed in concert with Francien van Tuinen’s quintet. High points were an international tour and the North Sea Jazz Festival. Sebastian is known for his creativity and versatility and is specialized in irregular meter.

Sven Otte
Sven Otte trained at the Conservatories in Essen and Cologne. In Germany he worked with various symphony orchestras but also performed lighter music. He has been a member of the Northern Netherlands Orchestra since 1998 and also plays in chamber music ensembles. He has performed with the Marc Brenken Trio and is a member of the Emsland Ensemble. His passion for jazz and world music still play a major role in all his activities. He accompanies vocalists in these genres and writes his own compositions, in which he likes to ignore the boundaries between light classical and classical music.

Felix Degenaar
Felix Degenaar is a jazz pianist, composer, arranger and keyboardist. He graduated from the Conservatory in Groningen specializing in Piano Light Music. Since 1989 Felix has performed as a pianist, arranger, band leader and/or keyboardist with bands like Rammenas, the Hassan Band, Aquarela do Brasil, Organic, Noordpool Composers Orchestra, Sweet Thing and Zawinul Ziggurath. He also makes up one half of the jazz piano duo Meiborg & Degenaar. Felix’s work is characterized by virtuosity and modern harmonic interpretation.

Suzanne Savage - vocals, Sven Otte - double bass, Felix Degenaar - piano, Sebastian Demydzcuk - drums

Time: 4 p.m.
Admission: € 15,-
Reserve via e-mail kleinwetsinge@blgroningen.nl, by phone: 06 546 854 05, or at the church.

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