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Cultural Sunday: Lucette van den Berg

Yiddish music

On Sunday 24 April the church in Leegkerk presents another Cultural Sunday and today’s guest is vocalist Lucette van den Berg, one of the leading voices in the new generation of Yiddish singers. She has performed in theatres, concert halls and at festivals all over Europe and North-America. Her debut CD Zing Shtil was highly praised by critics.

Classical voice

Lucette was born in Kampen and started taking piano lessons when she was seven years old. However, her real passion was singing and at age seventeen, after only a few singing lessons, she qualified for the conservatory in Zwolle. After she graduated she performed as a soloist in operas, oratoriums and recitals and in her spare time she started singing songs in Yiddish.

Yiddish music

The greater part of Lucette’s repertoire was written especially for her. Not only does she have a passion for singing Jewish songs, she is also devoted to the furtherance of Yiddish music. That is why she is the artistic director of the Jiddisch Festival Leeuwarden which she founded in 2008.

Expressive voice

Lucette is a remarkable performer with an exceptionally warm and compelling voice. Her unique repertoire consists of new material written especially for her by such composers as Alan Bern (Brave Old World) and poet/composer Mikhoel Felsenbaum. She also writes her own songs which she sings in her programme Vint fun Berg. She has performed alongside Alan Bern, Georg Brinkmann, Efim Chorny, Christian Dawid, Suzanne Ghergus, Sanne Mὅricke, Lorin Sklamberg, Shtetl Band Amsterdam and Mazzeltov, to name but a few. Her performances have been broadcast by AVRO, KRO, Joodse Omroep, EO and WDR (Germany).

Admission: € 7,50

Tickets are available via this website and at the Godert Walter bookshop and the Van der Velde bookshop.

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