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Exhibition Day In Day Out

to 09:00 - 16:30

Remonstrant Church
Coehoornsingel 14
9711 BS Groningen


Exhibition Day In Day Out

An exhibition by artist Peter van den Akker is on view in the foyer of the Remonstrant church on working days from August 11th  through to September 26th. Day In Day Out is an exhibition of sculptures composed of ceramic and weathering steel.

Peter van den Akker (Amsterdam, 1949) finds his source of inspiration in the relationships between people, shifts in global cultures and changes in technique, architecture, nature and views of humanity. The artist says of his work: “In my sculptures and paintings the concept of man is a key element, not as an individual but as a universal figure; they focus on the characteristics of the times and the multi-tiered levels of human behaviour.” In the statues  Silhouetten (Silhouettes)  and 52 Dialogen (52 Dialogues) the weathering steel is interspersed with human figures viewed from different perspectives, reflecting their fragility. Peter van den Akker sees time as an infinite series of events, without a beginning or an ending.

Van den Akker uses various materials and different techniques, such as paintings, mixed media on paper, silkscreen, objects made of wood, weathering steel and ceramic objects. Another source of inspiration, besides music, dance and literature, are his travels around the world. He has also worked in New York and exhibited there a number of times.

For more information visit www.petervandenakker.nl

The exhibition is open to the public on working days  from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. and admission is free.

The exhibition was curated by Kunstbureau Albion Putti on behalf of  Bijzondere Locaties Groningen.

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