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Exhibition in the church in Klein Wetsinge

Colourful work by Ben Rikken

Bijzondere Locaties Groningen’s newest venue, the church in Klein Wetsinge, presents an exhibition by artist Ben Rikken, from Saturday June 27th  to Friday July 31st.

Ben Rikken was born in 1951 Grevenbicht, in the province of Limburg. From 1972 to 1979 he studied at the Minerva Art Academy. He now lives and works in Groningen. Rikken primarily paints landscapes and still lifes. Warm, expressive colours and a well balanced composition are characteristic of  his paintings. In his still lifes the everyday objects, often fruits or vegetables, become timeless, frozen in the moment.

Vivid colours
In spite of the genre the artist uses bright, vibrant colours: the cherries in the cherry pie are blood red, the lemons bright yellow and the pumpkin an intense orange. The composition and expressive use of colour seem to suggest unrest and chaos, although the painting is a still life.

His landscapes often portray the French and Italian countryside, with meadows, mountains and woodlands rendered in a painterly, impressionist style. Rikken prefers to paint en plein air. Every year he goes to France with artist friends like Peter Durieux or Piet Sebens to work out of doors. He often makes two or three preparatory sketches a day there so as to have enough subject matter when he’s back home. These sketches are made in oil on linen and once at home he paints them in a larger format.

Admission: free

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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