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Exhibition at the Remonstrant Church

to 09:00 - 16:30 - Gratis

Remonstrant Church
Coehoornsingel 14
9711 BS Groningen


Art in the Blob

On display at the Remonstrant Church from 25th October through 16th December is an exhibition of works made by three talented artists: Emma Smids, Kim Hunnersen and Aline de Jonge.

Art in the Blob

The light and airy design of the glass foyer (also called the Blob) of the Remonstrant Church on Coehoornsingel make it an ideal space for exhibitions.

Emma Smids
Emma: “I’m fascinated by memories. I took these photographs at all the different places I’ve visited. Because of my treatment of form the places are disconnected from my  specific memories and viewers can recognize their own places."

Kim Hunnersen
“Kim: “I’m passionate about photography and traveling. Animals, nature and landscapes fill me with wonder and they are a great source of inspiration.”

Aline de Jonge
Aline: “Time fades away, deforms. That which has formed me, what forms  us all is flowing, fluid, familiar in its formlessness. My photographs are a search for familiar formlessness.”

Open on weekdays during office hours from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Admission is free.






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