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Art Exhibit 'Tableware' in Klein Wetsinge

to 11:00 - 18:00

The church in Klein Wetsinge
Valgeweg 12
9773 TK Klein Wetsinge


10th Anniversary Classical Academy of Fine Arts

The Classical Academy of Fine Arts in Groningen is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an array of artistic events, including various exhibitions in Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel, Friesland and Ost-Friesland (Germany).

The church in Klein Wetsinge is hosting an art exhibit. Works by artists Bryan Rietman, Martin Sijbesma, Abel Groenewold, Monica Jonkergouw and Marja Hens are on display daily.

Abel Groenewold

Abel Groenewold started drawing and painting pictures at a very young age. Since he graduated from the Classical Academy in Groningen he has explored  many different new techniques. Among the subjects he paints are still lifes, landscapes and portraits.

Marja Hens

Marja Hens graduated with a master’s degree from the Classical Academy in 2014. Her work is inspired by the textures that appear after zooming in on objects. Her treatment of light makes her work come to life.

Monica Jonkergouw

Monica Jonkergouw says about her paintings: “My work is about colour,  about light and dark and spatiality, the combination between the visible and the invisible.” She spends quite a lot of time on the composition of her still lifes and moulds the paint with broad brush strokes to arrive at the details.

Bryan Rietman

Rietman graduated from the Classical Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. His chosen subjects are often meat and fish: “Like a cook loves his ingredients, that is how I love my paint and my subjects. I can wax lyrical about a plate of sardines – a colour explosion of blues, greens, yellows and greys.”

Martin Sijbesma

“The history of art has taught me that realism was never really out of style, not even in the 20th century. My jumping off point is always how realism relates to the present day. By using the right combination of objects and colours I try to create a peaceful atmosphere of warmth, romance and nostalgia.”

Saturday 14 May through Sunday 5 June, open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Admission: free

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