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Free concert Ricciotti Ensemble in the Aa Church

Street Symphony Orchestra

The Ricciotti Ensemble is a street symphony orchestra that is comprised of forty young and enthusiastic musicians. The ensemble has a reputation for discovering new audiences and performing in strange places, like centres for asylum seekers, prisons and even in an airplane. Not only does the Riccioti play the most beloved classical music, it plays jazz, pop and world music as well. During this concert the ensemble will be joined by the Kapok Jazz Trio.

Out of the ordinary

The Ricciotti Ensemble wants to show that symphonic music does not always need to be associated with suits and serious faces. They are proof that making music is fun and can be done anywhere, by anyone and with anyone. The Ricciotti Ensemble brings music closer to the people by performing in unconventional settings. And when music is heard in an unconventional setting it is experienced differently. A performance by the Riccioti is an exciting event even for the most seasoned concert goer.

Kapok Jazz Trio

In the Aa Church the ensemble will perform with the Kapok Jazz Trio. Kapok combines elements from various genres and traditions: the phrasing and harmonies of jazz, the podium energy of pop and funk, the percussion of roots music and the interaction and abstract sounds of free improvisation. Even their instruments are unusual – there is no bass, the drum kit is extraordinary and the melody instrument is the horn. The band won the prestigious Edison Jazz Audience Award for their second album Kapok (2014), and has previously won both the Dutch Jazz Competition and the European Jazz Competition.

Admission: free

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