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GRRN: GRoninger Researchers’ Night

Interactive festival

On Friday 25 September the GRRN festival will be held at various venues in Groningen. One of these venues is the Remonstrant church.

GRRN stands for Groninger Researchers’ Night, the new interactive festival that showcases research, design and careers in science. FabLab, Groninger Forum, ScienceLinx and Infoversum present innovative science and technology. The theme tonight is ‘Power of Play’, when spectators become scientists. In the Remonstrant church you can play the lead role in a DIY dance performance while fragrance DJ Scents of Music matches smells to music.

This programme is part of the European Researchers’ Night: a night in which hundreds of European cities are dedicated to exploring science through fun learning.

Admission: € 10/€ 7.50

For more information and ticket sales please see the GRNN website.


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