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Huygens Vocaal Ensemble - 'Musica Celestial'

Argentine tenor Javier Rodrígues shines in Misa Criolla in Groningen

On Friday 30th November Huygens Music present ‘Musica Celestial’ in the Aa Church. A programme of heavenly choral music as a prelude to the light of Christmas. The Huygens Vocal Ensemble and tenor Javier Rodrígues, directed by Hans Tijssen, will be accompanied by multi-instrumentalists Fana Martinez and Daniel Morcos.

The Misa Criolla by Ariel Ramíres is  the best known piece on tonight’s programme. It is full of Argentinian instruments and rhythms and the participation of tenor Rodrígues, who was the composer’s preferred soloist and has performed the Misa Criolla countless times, is sure to give this performance an authentic sound.

Although the Misa Criolla is a religious piece it has much in common with secular music. With its chorus, percussion, piano, guitar, Argentinian quena (Andes flute), bombo and charango it could be categorized as world music. It is music that appeals to a wide audience. Also on the programme are South American and European Advent music. An exuberant  South American evening in which classical music meets Argentine folklore

Early bird tickets: €21,-  | €15 student s| €10,-  16 years and younger

Tickets:  € 25,- at the door | € 20,- students | €15,- under 16

For more information about the concert tour and ticket sales please see: www.huygensmusic.nl

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