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Anniversary concert chamber choir Moderato Cantabile at the Aa Church

20:00 - € 15.00

Der Aa Church
Akerkhof 2
9711 JB Groningen


15th Anniversary

To celebrate its 15th anniversary the Groningen chamber choir Moderato Cantabile is giving a festive concert on Saturday 19 November at the Aa Church.

The programme features compositions by the choir’s conductor Nana Tchikhinashvili and choral works by Pärt, Fauré, Schubert and Händel. The choir will be accompanied by a quintet comprised of flautist Lela Munjishvili and four talented conservatory students.

Versatile repertoire
The choir comprises 26 experienced singers, and since its inception in 2001 by conductor Nana Tchikhinashvili Moderato Cantabile has developed a versatile repertoire. Nana Tchikhinashvili took the name from Peter Brook’s French film Moderato Cantabile. ‘Moderato cantabile’ is a musical term denoting ‘singing in moderate tempo’. The choir often performs works that are rarely performed elsewhere. The conductor hopes ‘to achieve a timbre that reveals the soul of the music’. The choir regularly gives podium time to young and talented music students.

Nana Tchikhinashvili composed the mass  Moderato Cantabile and the choral works Ave Maria, Pater Noster and Miserere Nobis especially for the chamber choir. For a capella trio she arranged Stabat Mater and Locva.

The price of admission for this anniversary concert is € 15.
Tickets are available here.
For more information please see the Moderato Cantabile website

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