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Christmas concert Luthers Bach Ensemble: Mass in B Minor

15:00 - € 30.00

Der Aa Church
Akerkhof 2
9711 JB Groningen


Ten years Luthers Bach Ensemble: from Maria Vespers to Hohe Messe

On Sunday 18th December the Luthers Bach Ensemble will perform a Christmas concert in the Aa Church. On the programme is the Hohe Messe by J.S. Bach. The Luthers Bach Ensemble are celebrating their tenth anniversary during the 2016-2017 season with a series of beautiful concerts. Magnificent music performed by the best early music ensemble in the Northern Netherlands at uniquely beautiful venues.

Hohe Messe

In the Aa Church the Luthers Bach Ensemble will perform what is considered to be one of the greatest musical masterpieces of all time: Bach’s Hohe Messe in h-moll  (BWV 232) better known as the B-Minor Mass. What better occasion to perform this great mass than a 10th anniversary?

The great mass was never performed in its entirety during Bach’s lifetime. It was more suitable for concertante performances than for worship services. Many parts of the mass had been used in Bach’s earlier compositions. He reworked these to a greater or lesser extent and provided them with new words. Bach completed the B Minor Mass the year before his death. It is thought that Bach considered this mass to be a monument to his skill and talent, which he believed had been given to him by God. By assembling earlier works he may have chosen a compilation of his best and most beautiful compositions as a final tribute to God. Bach signed most of his compositions with Soli Deo Gloria: Glory to God alone.

Luthers Bach Ensemble

The Luthers Bach Ensemble was founded in 2006 with the intention of taking a more historically informed approach to the performance of Bach cantatas. The Luthers Bach Ensemble is the only Early Music Ensemble in the Northern Netherlands with an orchestra and two choirs, a small choir and a project choir. In previous years the LBE have engaged several exceptionally fine instrumentalists who form the core of the orchestra. The LBE aspires to let the audience experience the emotional richness and intense drama of baroque music, for example by giving staged performances. This ties in with the belief that was popular in Bach’s day that music can provide an insight into the essential aspects of life via one’s emotions.

J.S. Bach, Mass in B Minor BWV 232

Luthers Bach Ensemble (ripienists, soloists & baroque orchestra) conducted by Tymen Jan Bronda 
Sara Jäggi (soprano I), Maria Valdmaa (soprano II), Robert Kuizenga (counter tenor), Richard Resch (tenor), Michiel Meijer (bass), Joanna Huszcza (leader), Dave Hendry (trumpet)

€ 30,- / € 40,- (front rows) / € 25,- (friend LBE) / € 15,- (student)
(friend and student via ticket shop only, not available in bookshop) 

Reserve tickets before 16 november for an early bird discount (only via ticketshop) € 5 discount

Boekhandel Godert Walter Groningen, Oude Ebbingestraat 53
Boekhandel Daan Nijman Roden, Heerestraat 87 
Ticketshop Boekhandel Daan Nijman  
Telephone: 06 149 22 638 (Wednesday and Thursday between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.).

For more information please see the Luthers Bach Ensemble website.

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