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Come celebrate Sint Pannekoek in the Aa Church

12:00 - 20:00

Der Aa Church
Akerkhof 2
9711 JB Groningen


A pancake feast for young and old!

Sint Pannekoek / Saint Pancake is celebrated  every  year on November 29th. This new tradition was started by Jan Kruis, a much loved and  well known Dutch comic strip artist. However, if you were to ask him he would not take all the credit for it and he would tell you that it started way back in the 12th century in an old monastery in Rotterdam. (By the way, Sint Pannekoek is not the same as Pancake Day, which is celebrated in the UK on Shrove Tuesday.)

Pancake on your head

Sint Pannekoek
To celebrate Sint Pannekoek you get together with family and friends or total strangers and eat pancakes  wearing a (crocheted) pancake on your head (not mandatory). Saint Pancake is celebrated at several venues in Groningen but the best place is the wonderful Aa Church where young and old can enjoy all kinds of other activities as well. From a pancake colouring competition and a storytelling session for the little ones to pancake music and a pancake lecture. That and much more!

Pancakes for everyone
What you pay for a pancake is entirely up to you. Sint Pannekoek is for everybody: rich and poor, young and old. The proceeds will go to the Comic Strip Museum, where a language course is being developed that will help refugees learn Dutch with the aid of comic strips.

Come eat pancakes and enjoy all kinds of fun pancake activities! For more information see www.sintpannekoekgroningen.nl and check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest Sint Pannekoek news!

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