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Choir festival Focus on Vocal

Performances by seven choirs


On Saturday 14th November the CKCZB-Regio Noord is organising a choir festival in the Aa Church called Focus on Vocal. The KCZB is the largest interest group for choirs in the Netherlands.

The choir festival is open to mixed choirs, men’s choirs and women’s choirs and it involves a competitive element.  Choirs of varied levels (basic, middle and high) can participate.

A total of seven choirs, all with different levels of experience, will compete against each other this evening. Each choir will be allowed fifteen minutes of performance time. The choirs will sing one compulsory piece and a selection of their own choice from their own repertoire. Their performances will be judged by a qualified jury.

The members of the jury are Susanna Veerman, Arno Vree and Frank Hameleers.

Admission: € 3

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