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Meesters&Gezellen onder leiding van Daniel Reuss

20:15 - 21:15 - € 22.00

Der Aa Church
Akerkhof 2
9711 JB Groningen



On Thursday, 8th February the Aa Church presents a unique concert: Masters&Apprentices, with Daniel Reuss conducting. Masters&Apprentices is a project that offers young and talented singers an opportunity to perform an a capella programme alongside seasoned members of the Netherlands Chamber Choir and Cappella Amsterdam. The premiere of the 2018 concert tour will be in the Aa Church.

Master Classes
What young and ambitious singer with a passion for ensemble singing would not want the chance of getting some practical training with a seasoned colleague? Twenty young singers, all of them students or recent graduates of Dutch conservatories, have been offered this unique opportunity. The ‘apprentices’  and their ‘masters’ put into practice what they have learned from master classes and a voice coach in the weeks leading up the concert.

Vibrant and ambitious
Masters&Apprentices is a vibrant annual concert series by choral students of Dutch conservatories. Each of the voice groups (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) are comprised of one experienced singer, the Master, and five young singers, the Apprentices.

A thousand years of choral music
Conducting the ensemble for the second time is Daniel Reuss, chief conductor and artistic leader of the Cappella Amsterdam. The programme encompasses the calm monophonic music of the 11th century by Pierre Abélard as well as the Angelic Books,  music based on texts written at the time of the First World War and composed a thousand years later by Georgi Sztojanov (1985). Previous editions of Masters&Apprentices were conducted by renowned conductors Kaspars Putniņš and Sigvards Kļava from Latvia.

Georgi Sztojanov – Angelic Books
Rudolf Escher – Le vrai visage de la paix
Johann Sebastian Bach – Komm Jesu komm
Johannes Brahms – 5 Gesänge, op. 104
Pierre Abélard – Dolorum Solatium for male voices
From the Fleury manuscript – Ordo Rachelis for female voices

Admission: € 22,- / € 10,- (persons under 30, Stadjerspas or students). For tickets and more information please see: www.meestersengezellen.nl

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