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Noorderzon Concert in the Aa Church

Classical music and electronic music

From August 20th to August 30th Holland’s most exciting performing arts festivals returns: Noorderzon. Once again the Aa Church is one of the Noorderzon venues.

Greg Haines (UK) and Maarten Vos (NL) prove that classical music and electronic music are more closely related than you might think. Vos is a classical musician and Haines is a true electronica and keyboard wizard, but during live performances they can switch roles with ease. Tonight they’ll do it again in the Aa Church, as they did before at festivals like Motel Mozaique, Pitch and Le Guess Who? During long drawn out drone like numbers the sound of Vos’ cello is electronically manipulated and enriched with beats. The result is an intense musical trip in which the boundaries between the classical and the ambient slowly fade away.

Performing Arts Festival

Noorderzon is an annual 11-day international performing arts festival that takes place in the Noorderplantsoen park and at various other nearby venues in and around Groningen’s city centre.

The Noorderzon Festival’s first edition took place in 1991 and it has since evolved into the summer’s cultural high point in Groningen. The programme focuses mainly on international work but also showcases the work of artists who are based in Holland’s northern provinces. For some performances admission is free but for others there is an admission fee. The programme features theatre, music, dance, visual arts, multi-media, circus and everything in between.

Admission: € 12,50
Time: 9.30 - 10.30 p.m.
Tickets go on sale 27 July at 1 p.m. and are available from: website Noorderzon.


This concert was programmed by Noorderzon in collaboration with the Aa Church and Soundsofmusic.

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