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Organ & Film

20:00 - € 12.50

Der Aa Church
Akerkhof 2
9711 JB Groningen


Der Müde Tod

On Wednesday, 1 November the Aa Church presents a unique film as part of the Schnitger Festival: Der Mϋde Tod by Fritz Lang. The film will be accompanied by Berry van Berkum on the Schnitger organ.

Der Mϋde Tod is a 1921 German melodrama about a woman who tries to bring her fiancé back from the realm of the dead. After seeing a vision she faints and is taken to a doctor who administers a poison.  She comes face to face with Death. He shows her three burning candles, each representing the lives of three people. When the candle extinguishes the person dies. If she succeeds in saving one of these three lives she will be reunited with her fiancé.

Silent cinema
For many years the organ was used to accompany silent films. In the heyday of silent cinema when all films were soundless the background music was often provided by a small orchestra. And because an organ can sound like a complete orchestra it was the perfect accompaniment to silent movies.

Berry van Berkum
The famous Schnitger organ in the Aa Church will be played by improviser, composer, soloist and jazzpianist Berry van Berkum. Van Berkum teaches organ and piano at De Lindenberg Centre for Art and Culture in Nijmegen. He has won many awards at international organ competitions, including the Dollard Festival, and performed solo and as an accompanist on various CD and radio recordings. Accompanying silent films is one of his specialties.

Schnitger organs in Groningen
Schnitger organs are famous and there is not a city in the world that can boast three of them, except Groningen: in the Aa Church, the Martini Church and the Pelstergasthuis Church. Organ aficionados from far and wide come to Groningen to play or listen to these organs. The festival too attracts visitors from all over the world. The Stichting Groningen Orgelstad organizes the festival to allow as many people as possible to enjoy our cultural heritage.

Admission: € 12,50
For more information and ticket sales please see the Schnitger Festival website.

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