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Running in the Aa Church

Urban Trail 2018

Can you go for a run in the Aa Church? Yes, you can! On Sunday, February 18th during the third edition of the Groningen Urban Trail.

Running in unique buildings
The two previous editions of the Groningen Urban Trail proved to be a great success. The Urban Trail allows you to run through (historical) buildings in Groningen you never usually have a chance to see. The route includes the Aa Church, City Hall, Groningen Archives and Beach Club Kokomo. Today is not about time but about having a unique running experience.

Urban Trail
The Urban Trail is a unique running experience that takes you through twenty different buildings in  the centre of the city of Groningen. It starts and finishes at the Vismarkt. This year the Aa Church is again one of the locations included on this unique route.

The Urban Trail is a must if you’re in for a sporting challenge and want to see the centre of town from a different angle. Each Urban Trail aims to offer you a unique running experience: it takes you through various buildings, alleyways and courtyards you never have a chance to see on your regular run. This is a running event about sportsmanship, culture and architecture.

Five or ten kilometers
This year participants can choose between a 5 or 10 km course. The 5 km route is easier for beginners, but you will see fewer different buildings than on the 10 km route. You don’t have to decide in advance but can make up your mind while you’re running whether to go for 5 or 10 kilometers when you come to the point where the course splits. The price of registration is the same, regardless of the distance you run. Start and finish is at the Vismarkt.

National Event
The Groningen Urban Trail is part of the national Urban Trail® Series. This year Urban Trails are being held in cities throughout the country, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht and Utrecht..

Want to participate? Better sign up soon. For more info see  Groningen Urban Trail.
Click here and check out the buildings you'll be running through.
Registration: € 25,-, including breakfast after the finish.

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