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Schnitger's Dream: The Silence of Mark Rothko

Documentary and live music

Ever since the acclaimed exhibition in the Gemeente Museum in The Hague in 2015, American artist Mark Rothko’s popularity continues to rise in the Netherlands. On Friday 8 April and Saturday 9 April Rothko’s mysterious paintings will be linked to music.

On April 9  The Silence of Mark Rothko, a film made in 2014 by Marjoleine Boonstra, will be shown in the Aa Church. In this poignant documentary she attempts to unravel the puzzle that was Mark Rothko. Marjoleine Boonstra thoughtfully meanders through the life and work of the enigmatic American artist, dispelling a number of stubborn misconceptions but leaving the mystery intact. Composer and musician Harry de Wit and alt violinist Saskia Meijs play the beautiful music De Wit wrote to accompany the documentary.

Schnitger's Dream
This concert is one of the Schnitger’s Dream series of organ concerts presented by the Aa Church, whose leitmotif is ‘tradition and renewal’. The Aa church boasts an organ made by the acclaimed organ builder from Hamburg, Arp Schnitger (1648-1719). After many years of restoration the famous organ's inaugural concert took place in 2011 at a successful festival.


8.15 p.m.: introduction and discussion about Mark Rothko

9 p.m.: concert /documentary

Saskia Meijs - alt violin
Harry De Wit - organ, piano, stones, electronics

Admission: € 15,-.Tickets available at the upper right hand side of this page and at the Godert Walter bookshop and the Van der Velde bookshop (Akerkhof).

Click here for more information about the concert on Friday 8 April.


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