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Summer Sundays in the church in Leegkerk

to 12:00 - 17:00

The church in Leegkerk
Leegeweg 38
9746 TC Groningen


Summer Sundays in the church in Leegkerk

During the summer months the church in Leegkerk is open to the public on Sunday afternoons. The church opens its doors from 12 noon till 5 p.m. and everybody is welcome to look around the church or to relax over a cup of coffee and a delicious piece of pie, perhaps after a walking or cycling tour of the countryside. The church will be staffed by volunteers from Leegkerk and surrounding areas.

The medieval church of Leegkerk is located on the outskirts of the city of Groningen, behind the suburb of Gravenburg. In the 1960’s the church was in ruins. Pigeons roosted in the pulpit and the rain poured through the holes in the roof and onto the gravestones in the nave. In 1969 the church was rescued by the then newly founded Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken. The church was rebuilt last year; designed  by AWG Architects from Antwerp, its interior now features a unique golden cube-shaped structure which houses various modern facilities.

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