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Sunday matinee concerts - Piano duo Dimitrov and Boelee

Sunday matinee concerts, Piano duo Dimitrov and Boelee

Pianists Dimitar Dimitrov and Elvire Boelee are graduates of the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen. During his first year at the conservatory Dimitar Dimitrov won the prestigious Prinses Christina Concours, the Amsterdam Grachten Festival and the Harten Aas Trofee. When Elvire and Dimitrov heard each other play at a recital they discovered that how they felt about music and experienced it had much in common. They started playing for each other at the conservatory almost every night, giving feedback and inspiring each other. A few years later they decided to form a piano duo. They have won several (international) music competitions and have performed on radio and television.

This is the third in a series of Sunday matinee concerts. These start at 11.30 a.m. with a 45 minute listening concert followed by an intermission. Then the same musicians will return for another 45 minutes but during this concert you can listen and talk and enjoy a delicious lunch! For these matinee concerts we will have a special lunch on offer.

Upcoming dates are:
Sunday 16 Dec: Carolien Fleumer
Sunday 20 Jan 2019: Coert Huijsman 

The church in Klein Wetsinge
The church in Klein Wetsinge is located between Sauwerd and Winsum and offers beautiful views of the Reitdiep Valley. The church was recently restored and renovated. It is run by Nicolaas and Inez Geenen who managed a restaurant in Limburg for twenty years. Whenever possible they work with traditional methods and organic products.

Concert: €10
Lunch and concert: €27,50 (two course lunch and a glass of wine)

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