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The Dutch Chamber Choir in Flemish Circles

On Sunday 23 November the Dutch Chamber Choir, conducted by Paul van Nevel, will sing music written by Flemish composers.

Regnard, Van Weerbeke, Caron. The composers Paul van Nevel has chosen for this evening’s concert do not have illustrious names. But to this master of Renaissance music that is almost a recommendation. It means that he’s visited libraries and markets in remote villages in search of hidden treasures. Paul van Nevel uses the notes of the three French Flemish composers to paint the musical landscape of 15th and 16th century Flanders. He creates a triptych, with each of the ‘panels’ dedicated to a different composer.

François Regnard (Douai ca. 1530 – Douai 1600)
Super flumina Babylonis, Motet à 5; In te Domine speravi, Motet à 5;
Las, je me plains, Rondeau à 4; Et factum est postquam in captivitatem, Motet à 5
Gaspard van Weerbeke (Oudenaarde 1445 – Roma ca.1518)
Lamentationes Jeremiae Prophetae à 4; Officium Papale, Kyrie Eleison à 4 – Sanctus & Benedictus à 4 & 3 – Agnus Dei à 4
Philippe Caron (Cambrai ca. 1440 – ca. 1490)
Le despourveu infortuné, chanson à 4; Missa Guazzabuglio (Kyrie from the mass  ‘‘L’homme  armé’’  à  4, Gloria from the mass “Jesus autem transiens”  à  4, Sanctus from the mass “Clemens et benigna”  à  2, 3 & 4, Agnus Dei from the mass ‘Accueilly m’a la belle’ à 2 & 4); Hélas! Que pourra devenir mon coeur, chanson à 3 & 4.

Normal € 25,--
Donors Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken € 22,50
Subscribers to the Bijzondere Locaties Groningen newsletter € 22,50
CJP/Students € 15,--

Series of four concerts € 80,--
Donors Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken € 72,--
Subscribers to the Bijzondere Locaties Groningen newsletter € 72,--

The concerts are on:
23 October 2014: In English Circles
23 November 2014: In Flemish Circles
12 March 2015: Bach, Bach, Bach
16 April 2015: In Scandinavian Circles

Buy your tickets online
Booking fee: € 1,50 per reservation. The reservation includes a glass of wine (€ 3,--).

This concert is one in a series of ‘Wine Tasting and Chamber Music’ concerts. You can order the delicious wines that are served during these concerts from www.cultuurenwijn.nl. The wines are very affordable and 25% of the profits go to the Dutch Chamber Choir.

For more information please see  www.proefkamermuziek.nl




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