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Vintage clothing in the Aa Church

to 12:00 - 17:00

Der Aa Church
Akerkhof 2
9711 JB Groningen


Vintage Kilo Sale


Come shop for clothes in the Aa Church: Saturday 16 April and Sunday  17 April The Vintage Rebel presents the third edition of a Vintage Kilo Sale in the Aa Church . The church will be chock-full of clothes racks with garments from the seventies, eighties and nineties. Admission is free.

Pay per kilo

Clothes will be sold per kilo and charged at 15 euros per kilo. Two tons of beautiful vintage fashion items have been selected especially for this weekend. Supplies will be replenished during both days so that there will constantly be a varied mix of clothing for him and her to choose from. From winter coats and dresses to denim and from leather to shoes and bags.

Valuable clothing

The trousers, coats and dresses and accessories, hats and bags, originate mainly from France and America. Who knows – if you’re lucky you might score a real bargain.

The Vintage Kilo Sale is presented by The Vintage Rebel, an organisation that presents clothing fairs all over the Netherlands at unique locations.

So if you’re looking for a vintage summer wardrobe come to the Aa Church for the Vintage Kilo Sale! Admission is free.


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