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Yin yoga at the church in Leegkerk

20:00 - 21:30 - € 19.50

The church in Leegkerk
Leegeweg 38
9746 TC Groningen


Tadelungt by candlelight

Need some rest and relaxation during the hectic December month? Come to the church in Leegkerk on Thursday, 15 December for a unique yoga class.

Yin yoga
Yoga instructor Esther Gerringa will give a yin yoga lesson In the medieval church in Leegkerk. The object of the class is to take some personal time in this hectic pre-Christmas period. An evening reserved for recharging your battery and total relaxation in a unique ambiance. The class is open to everyone, even those with no previous (yin) yoga experience!

Instructor  Esther Gerringa  is the owner of Yoga Studio Tadelungt. Tadelungt is a Swedish word that means something like: ‘take it easy’. Esther: “That is precisely what I want to achieve. We’re always on the go, our lives are very ‘yang’, and we’re  bombarded with stimuli. Tadelungt wants  to be an oasis of calm in our stressful lives. The lessons at Tadelungt are based on yin yoga but are always a personal mix of postures and exercises that I have tried out myself.”

Esther continues: “Yoga has given me so much: pleasure, a bit of tranquility, awareness and increased flexibility. I am a yoga teacher with physical impairments: there are no aches or pains that I haven’t experienced. That’s why I know how beneficial yoga can be and believe me: if I can do it, anybody can do it. I teach my own interpretation of yin yoga: I usually begin and/or finish with a do-In exercise, or I focus on a special subject. I also frequently give workshops, which allow us more time to concentrate on a certain theme.”

‚ÄčAdmission: € 19,50 per persoon (including a gift)

Want to join in? Register via info@tadelungt.nl

For more information please see the Tadelungt website.

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