Your exhibition at a unique venue

The venue should enhance your exhibition without distracting attention from it. It should fit your exhibition like a frame fits a work of art. A historic building accentuates the timeless quality of the works on display.


The  austere interior of the Der Aa Church has proved to be the perfect backdrop for many major international photo exhibitions.  The spacious white and well-lit main hall of the Remonstrant Church has already earned a modest reputation in contemporary artist’s circles. The church in Leegkerk is an excellent venue for those who want to combine a visit to an exhibition with a bike ride. The church hall at the Amshoff is as easily transformed into an exhibition space as the romantic English garden is into a sculpture garden. The church in Klein Wetsinge is also a very suitable venue for exhibitions.

Venues for a unique exhibition

Exhibitions can be held at all of our unique venues. Each venue has its own distinctive characteristics. Click on the different venues below and choose the one you like best. Or contact us and tell us what your specific needs and wishes are and we can discuss the options with you  –  there are more than you might expect!

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