Your meeting at a unique venue

Thanks to the internet we don’t have to get together for every little trifle. So when you do host a business meeting, you want a venue with a certain cachet. Bijzondere Locaties Groningen will add a touch of class to the occasion.


The Remonstrant Church is a professional venue for business meetings; it is equipped with all modern facilities and is close to parking garages and Groningen’s central train station. The church in Leegkerk is the ideal meeting venue for participants who need to get away from their daily routine. The Amshoff in Kielwindeweer and the church in Klein Wetsinge are popular venues for day-long sessions and other serious corporate events (far) away from the office.

Venues for a unique meeting

Meetings can be held at various unique venues. Each venue has its own distinctive characteristics. Click on the different venues below and see which one best suits your needs. Or  contact us and let us know what your specific needs and wishes are so that we can discuss the options with you. There are more than you might expect!

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