Trade Fairs

A trade fair at a unique venue

Whether for aficionados or professionals, a trade fair should always be an exciting event. Location is key.  


The Der Aa Church has often served as a backdrop for book fairs, careers fairs and whisky festivals. Its central location is a guarantee for lots of visitors. The Remonstrant Church is easily reached by public transit and is very suitable for small scale trade fairs. The church in Leegkerk, De Amshoff  and the church in Klein Wetsinge are the ideal settings for an art fair or for a romantic country fair.

Venues for a unique trade fair

Trade fairs can be held at all of our unique venues. Each venue has its own distinctive characteristics. View the different venues below and choose the one that best suits your needs. Or contact us and tell us what your specific wishes are and we can discuss the options with you. There are more than you might expect!

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