The Chancel: a versatile space

The chancel, or 'choir',  is shaped like an arch and it is the space where the high altar stood during  the Catholic era. This part of the church was designated for the clergy. Though not much smaller in size than the nave, its round shape lends it a special intimacy.

The chancel is the ideal spot for lectures, dinners, receptions, concerts and exhibitions. The high altar can be used for a plenary meeting and afterwards refreshments can be served in the ambulatory.

Of course, it is possible to hire both the nave and the chancel. A wedding ceremony in the chancel is often followed by a reception in the nave. We have hosted many wedding and partner registration ceremonies and we have everything that is needed to create an elegant ambiance.


Dimensions 20 x 25 m
Surface area 500 m2


Banquet style

Round tables with chairs

240 people
Theatre style set-up

Podium, chairs in rows

160 people
Reception style

Standing tables

250 people
Cabaret style

Podium, tables with chairs

100 people
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