In April several hundred members of the congregation, led by the reverend Mosselmans,  split from the  Reformed church.  In June they establish a new ‘Remonstrant Reformed Congregation’. A harmonium is placed in the church on Coehoornsingel.


In early June  the Reformed church in Warfhuizen buys the  harmonium. At the same time construction of the new organ by P. van Oeckelen and Sons is completed. The instrument has a large organ case and the base of the organ  front is encased with panels covered by a faux front. There is a space for the organist and the organ pumper at the rear of the organ loft.


In 1927/1928 the interior of the church is refurbished and the organ loft is dismantled and its beams are shortened in order to extend the side galleries. A small wainscoted  balcony remains, with just enough room for a few musicians. On the opposite side of the church hall there is a space for the choir on a new gallery over the already existing gallery.


The organ is adapted to the new situation by the ‘Electrische Kerkorgelfabriek M. Spiering’, manufacturers of electric church organs. The old wind machine from 1921 is replaced by a new Meidinger motor.


In the final month of the Second World War the Remonstrant church is in the line of fire during the Battle of Groningen. The organ is hit by a grenade but the damage is easily repaired.


The church’s interior is modernized. The design is by A. Grit, architect and  member of the congregation. A sound-permeable linen screen is placed on a frame behind the new liturgical centre . Now the organ can be heard but not seen. The organ loft and fake front are also demolished. This creates a rather remarkable situation: the organist is seated behind remnants of walls and partitions that were built during the church’s  construction years; to the left of the keyboard the organ loft is cut off by a linen wall which bears no relation to the organ..


The stucco ceiling above the organ is restored; Mense Ruiter organ builders first remove the pipes from the wind chest. The wind chest and mechanism are restored and the pipes are replaced.


During  the Remonstrant Congregation’s worship services the organ is played by organist Robert Koolstra.

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