Tempel-Zwartsenberg room

This room is situated above the entrance to the church and is decorated in the same light and modern style as the church hall. The room is named after Mrs. A.C.T. Tempel-Zwartsenberg (Wildervank 1902 – The Hague 2003). She was a generous benefactor and patron of the arts in Groningen. The restoration and reuse of the Remonstrant church was largely made possible by her Tempel-Zwartsenberg Foundation.


Dimensions 4 x 6,5 m
Surface area 26 m2


Board room style

tables and chairs

16 people
Banquet style

tables and chairs

16 people
Theatre style

podium, chairs in rows

not applicable
Reception style

standing tables

not applicable.
Cabaret style

podium, tables and chairs

not applicable
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