Catering at the church in Klein Wetsinge

At the church in Klein Wetsinge the catering is done by the managers Inez and Nicolaas Geenen and their team. They offer everything from a home-made pie or quiche to a full-fledged buffet dinner.

Inez and Nicolaas Geenen were both born and raised in Groningen. They earned their spurs in Limburg, where they managed a restaurant for twenty years and worked with organic products whenever possible, fresh fish and game preferably from the local area, and herbs and vegetables straight from the farmer’s fields or their own kitchen garden.

Their long experience and their ties to the Reitdiep area make them ideally suited for uniting landscape, agriculture and food at the church in Klein Wetsinge.

Interested in the possibilities? Feel free to call Inez and Nicolaas Geenen: 06 54685405 or 06 46317067. Or send an e-mail:


Cookery workshops

Cookery workshops are available on request at the church in Klein Wetsinge. Managers Inez and Nicolaas Geenen are enthusiastic about food, especially fresh organic food produced by dedicated farmers from the local area. They share their enthusiasm by giving cookery workshops. In a relaxed atmosphere and under their expert guidance participants prepare a four-course meal which of course they enjoy together afterwards. The workshop lasts about four hours in total. But if you have the time you can come early, get on your bike and pick up some of the ingredients from the local farmers.

Pop-up kitchen

You might come across Klein Wetsinge where you least expect it. You can run into the Klein Wetsinge pop-up kitchen anywhere and everywhere good, fresh products are found. In a stable or at the allotment gardens. On the fisherman’s pier, in a field or a leafy orchard. Sit down at their table and experience the taste of freshness.

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