Church hall

Church hall

The church’s main hall exudes a pleasant ambiance and has a splendid vaulted wooden ceiling, an exceptional pulpit and an organ. Many kinds of events can be held here: receptions, weddings, presentations, lectures and dinners. There are also two separate spaces that are ideal for meetings or smaller gatherings. Hidden at the back of the church under the roof beams is a spectacular lookout post with a panoramic view of the Reitdiep Valley. The church’s vestibule, with a staircase leading to the recently restored tower clock and the lookout post, is open to the public (except of course when the church is rented out for an event). The sanitary facilities there are always accessible to passers-by, who can also make use of the coffee machine.


Dimensions 12 x 10 m
Surface area 120 m2


Dinner style

tables with chairs

55 people
Theatre style

chairs in rows

80 people
Reception style

standing tables

80 people
Cabaret style

tafels with chairs

55 people
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